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Dr. Barry Young and Dr. Jennifer Kragten Ro are skilled and caring chiropractors in Hamilton, Ontario. Our friendly staff are eager to assist you and answer any questions you may have about how chiropractic care will get you on the path to better health. We will work with each individual and their families to devise an optimal chiropractic program to suit every budget. 

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video titled "The Big Idea".  It will provide you with a better understanding of how chiropractic works and why everyone benefits from having a spine free of "Subluxation".

At Absolute Chiropractic our mission is to improve the quality of your life. Our lasting purpose is to direct people to the realization that optimization of health is superior to the treatment of disease. We strive to have our patients reach their fullest innate potential and with our Chiropractic, Massage and Acupunture services.

Absolute Chiropractic is based out of Hamilton, Ontario and sevices the surrounding areas of Ancaster, Caledonia, Stoney Creek, Hagersville and Cayuga.  


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